ISProd is a video service providing company that focuses on delivering solutions for all type of meetings and events.

Below you can find a selection of our currently most ordered services.

Equipment & Technicians Digital Meetings & Webinars Technical Management and Coordination
Making technology and people thrive together is what we do! – ISProd supplies technical solutions and technicians for meetings and events. With the right technical platform and the right staff, we aim to enhance your experience! We undertake developing all forms of digital meetings, Streaming, zoom, teams, vMix caller, breakout sessions, and the list just goes on! We can help you select the best choice for your requirements. Taking on the role of a technical operation manager is a piece of cake – No matter if it’s for a live concert or general meeting, studio broadcast or a team meeting we have the experience and know-how!
Broadcast Quality Cameras & Lenses Joining Forces with Partners Extreme Resolution and Beyond
Live Video Production Video Presentation Video Documentation

Live production at events is our specialty. With hight quality broadcast grade cameras and real-time color processing, we can create magic for all guests, in sight or online.

Are you an actor, musician or artist? Do you need content for an event, a product or maybe a prsonal presentation? We tailor according to your wishes.

Highlight a memory, relive an event, maybe your graduation or why not you diamond wedding? We immortalize your memories and preserve the feeling for many years to come.

General Meeting Conference Reportage

We offer full-scale production of you general meeting including streaming to the desired platform or through our own channels specifically branded and designed for your purpose.

Is your company, association or foundation in need of local video recording or webcast for some reason? We offer tailored cost-effective solutions for all type of meetings, online as well as offline

For a reportage to be successful, it is important to focus on how it is all presented. Our know-how takes you all the way from start to the finish line with ease.

Timelapse Live On Tape Video Editing

With rails, sliders and color-corrected recordings with a world-class camera housing using our own LUTs, we can create your timelapse video with the desired mood in no time.

We record and produce your entire digital event and its content, once edited and approved we stream the finished product at a later time accordingly to you specifications.

During editing and color grading, we adapt our material to meet you demands and requirements. With continuous dialogue, you will be involved all the way til the end line

Music Video Production Commercial Short Film

Are you a musician, singer/songwriter, instrumentalist or producer? We offer music videos/studio videos creating exciting content for your plattforms.

Is your company, product or brand in need of exposure? We make commercials and product videos on demand.
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Do you want to make a short film in a particular format? High-speed filming, stop-motion or 3D recording?
We have everything you need to take the next step.